Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to (Re)Collected Recipes

This cookbook, Cane River Cuisine, deserves to be my first posting, because it inspired me to start this blog. I already had a copy of this cookbook but the recipe cards inside it were so extensive that I bought it again (even at $5.99!).

I love buying community cookbooks in thrift stores or used bookstores because they almost always include recipe cards shoved in, notes in the margin, and other clues that give you a glimpse into the kitchen of its previous owner.

Technology has changed the way we eat, the way we cook - and even the way we collect recipes. (I often cook with my ipad right by me.) Here, I want to offer a glimpse back at the way that previous cooks collected recipes. (I want to recollect them for posterity, I guess.) But I also want to explore the recipes themselves, so I will type them out when I can read the writing. If you want to feature a (re)collected recipe you've found here, just email a picture, the text, what cookbook you found it in and any story that goes along with it to

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